Cybersecurity Career Program

Complete Cybersecurity Boot Camp | Certification Prep | Career Mentoring

Are You Ready To Begin Your Cybersecurity Career?

Learn The Right Combination Of Knowledge, Experience With Career Guidance

Are You Lost Trying To Figure Out What You Need To Know?

Do You Want To Learn The Skills That Will Launch Your Career?

Are You Unsure Of What Path And Steps to Take?

What Are The Secrets?

Secret #1

Develop Your Technical Foundations and Skills

Secret #2

Gain Confidence & Experience Through Hands-On Projects

Secret #3

Gain An Advantage With Expert Career Mentoring

What Makes Us Different?

Begin your career in as little as 3 months through:

  • A unique teaching method that proves to be successful
  • Hands-on projects that will allow you to have the confidence to excel in your career
  • scenarios that you will build from scratch
  • Expert career mentoring from a top professional in the industry with over 20 years of experience
  • ​Learn the knowledge, skills, and interviewing techniques that employers are looking for
  • ​Mentoring support during and after your journey

What Will You Learn In The Program?

  •  Professional Mentoring: Guidance and Mentoring provide you the support you need DURING and  AFTER the program!
  • Experienced Instructor: Learn from Chris's expert experience and award winning teaching methods!
  • ​Knowledge and Skills: You will learn the CORE Cybersecurity areas to be effective and successful
  • Experience: Develop your experience through hands-on projects that allow you to apply what you learn
  • Credentials: Certification material for Security+ , Cisco CCNA, and Python Programming are included! 

Is The Program Flexible?

  • Work at YOUR own pace, with 24x7 access to the program material and mentoring 
  • ​Weekly Technical and Career Mentoring support you in your journey including resume assistance and interview preparation
  • ​Learn the in-demand skills that will launch your career at your pace with mentoring and support
  • ​Material is taught with real-world examples and include hands-on projects to help you develop the confidence, skill, and experience that you build at your pace
  • ​Access to a community where you can build your professional network, interact with others and get support

Is This Program For Me?

  • What Experience Do I Need?: Do you have 1-2 years of IT experience or transferrable skills?
  • Are You Ready?: Are you ready to enjoy learning and begin a career that could change your life?
  • Are you passionate about Cybersecurity?: Are you ready to make a difference and defend people and systems?
  • If you answered YES and would like to discuss the program: Click the button below to book a call today!

How Does The Cybersecurity Career Program Compare?

  • Knowledge and Skills: Most boot camps and universities use labs, our program teaches through real-world projects that help you build your knowledge and skills
  • Guidance: Learn and receive mentoring by one of the top professionals in Cybersecurity who has experience as a hiring manager
  • Cybersecurity: The program teaches you Operating Systems, Networking, Offensive & Defensive Cybersecurity, and Cloud IaaS - all the knowledge you need without overwhelming you with too much information.
  • Credentials: Gain the certifications and knowledge you need and that employers want!

Are Cybersecurity Careers Still In Demand?


Cybersecurity jobs are ALWAYS in high demand and growing with THOUSANDS of unfilled jobs. 


The reality is that most people do not have the knowledge, skills, and experience that meet the needs of employers.  

This Program will give you an advantage through a Complete Cybersecurity Boot Camp, Certification Prep, and experience through hands-on projects and material based on Chris's experience of over 20 years working in the highest levels of Cybersecurity.  


What Will A Career In Cybersecurity Get You?

The average salary of a Cybersecurity professional starts as high as $60,000 - $100,000!

This program prepares you for a CAREER by teaching you the skills employers need and provides you with career guidance to help you begin your career in the shortest time possible.

Cybersecurity is a growing field which means OPPORTUNITY, now more than ever is the time to develop the skills that employers need.

What Are The Benefits Of The Program?

  • Affordable: Begin your career without going into a lot of debt!  The program is a fraction of most boot camps and university programs and provides you with everything you need to begin your career
  • What you learn: Learn what you NEED to succeed - Develop the skills to not only begin, but succeed in your career
  • Unique Teaching: This program TEACHES you the knowledge and how to develop your SKILLS and APPLY what you have learned
  • Built for YOU: Mentoring and Access to Material for the LIFETIME of the program! Other boot camps and programs END without supporting you after you complete the program.

Worried About The Economy?  

Cybersecurity is and will always be in demand, this program will help you develop the skills that employers need. 

Still Unsure If This Program Is Right For You?

Watch the case studies and see how our clients changed their lives through the help of our program.

Stop Letting Career Opportunities Pass You By

The Best Investment You Can Make Is In YOURSELF

This program was created to help you succeed.  You can begin at any time, the program is self-paced and ready to help you begin NOW! 

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